Do you keep any standard labels in stock?

We stock a few lines of labels, but for the most part, our labels are custom made for each job.

How quickly can I get my labels?

After sign off of artwork, generally jobs have an average lead time of 7 to 10 working days.

What sort of printing processes are you able to use?

We have state of the art presses that can print labels using flexographic or digital printing.

What kind of files do you need to print the job?

We are expert in the use of Adobe CS4 (Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe InDesign CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4), and Quark Express 6, so we can use artwork supplied in these or earlier versions of the same programs. Illustrator files are preferred because they are best suited to the manipulation we need to perform for optimum results with our style of printing.

Can you use pdf’s?

We can, provided that it is of high resolution.

How do I know if you have cutters already that will suit my job?

Insignia Labels have obtained a significant collection of cutters over the years. Please let us know the size that you have in mind. If we don’t have something exactly the same size, more often than not we’ll have a cutter very close to it.